Bolsa de Hidratacion SOURCE WIDEPAC DIVIDE 3LT

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Bolsa de Hidratacion SOURCE WIDEPAC DIVIDE 3LT


2 Drinks in 1 Hydration System

Our brandnew D|vide provides two sources of hydration (water/isotonic drink) in one hydration system with two flexible compartments and two drinking valves. - Special Offer: Get 2 


Two drinks – no extra equipment

With the Widepac D|Vide we proudly introduce a solution how to carry two sources of hydration – without adding an extra piece of equipment, without adding weight or bulk to your hydration pack. The SOURCE Widepac D|vide offers two drinks in one Widepac - with all the unique advantages of SOURCE Hydration Systems.


Flexible split

The size of the compartments is flexible. Both of the compartments add up to the full capacity of the bladder (2L or 3L depending on your choice of D|vide size). Meaning it gives you maximum flexibility to split the capacity according to your needs.




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